Your conversion story starts here.

In order to convert,
You must be converted.

Your customer has a problem that CAN BE and SHOULD BE solved by you but for some reason, they don’t understand that they’re one click away from the life they always wanted. Your journey looks the same right now. You have a problem that can be and should be solved by me and you’re one click away from a solution.

Conversions are Created.

I’m Theontae and you’re reading this blurb because I used a triangle that points down to create a cue in your brain to have your eyes look at this. 

You didn’t know this happened because your brain automatically does it.

That’s one of the ways I help small businesses and infopreneurs create life-changing conversions for themselves and their customers. 

Yes, I said CREATE and not GET because Conversions are Created.

You would GET conversions if you could just put a product out and people just grabbed it up.

No, you have created that product now you have to go and grab our customers by the hand and guide them to the button that will change their life and yours.

Your product is too good and valuable to sit around waiting to be “got.”

I’m going to help you create the environment where conversions happen.

Created Conversions Can Be Replicated

   Creating Conversions isn’t guess work. It’s a process and once it’s learned you can do it over and over again. Ready to learn?

Know Your Customer

You should do extensive research to know find their fears, frustrations, desires and aspirations. I have a questionnaire of over 30 questions to find them.

Craft an Offer

Your offer should be clear, include bonuses, and have some sense of urgency or scarcity. It should help them in more than 1 way to be effective. I help to create 3 ways.

Eye-Catching Design

94% of people make decision because of design but not any design... it has to catch their eye. Literally. I have studied the 29 best ways to get and guide they eyes.

Masterful Messaging

Your copy should answer 4 questions: Why me? Why you? Why this? Why Now? But we all know it's not what you say buy how you say it.

Replicated Conversions Get Results

The conversion consult has helped us us at every step of our funnel. We've went back to it time and time again to create ad copy, new landing pages and even social media content. Anytime we want to create conversions, we go back to your consult.
Mitchell Graves
Life Coach
I worked with Theontae to create our new homepage and improve several landing pages on our website. I was really impressed by his questionnaire, how he analyzed competitor pages, and came up with a solid strategy backed by data and strong reasoning.
Sonia Chavez
Graphic Designer
Theontae rewrote one of our best-selling sales pages, which we then tested against our old version. We saw a 27% lift in sales for that product since the copy went live. Using his services is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to create conversions.
Torrian Scott

What will your testimonial say?

You have a problem. That CAN BE and SHOULD BE solved by me. 

Changing lives with your product or service and living the life of your dreams is only a click away. 

When you click below, you’re going to get a free conversion consult so I can show you how you can create conversions.

But you have to act fast. I only take on 1 new client a week so I can focus all of my attention on one business. 

Finish the journey of being converted and start the journey of converting customers of your own.