What is a Theontae?

Marketer. Designer. Elijah's Dad.

Hello! I’m Theontae a Marketer, Web Designer and Dad. I started this business as a way to reclaim my life and be able to do what matters most to me, Be Elijah’s Dad. The only way I could do that is by creating life changing conversions for you.

I know that these conversions don’t just change your life but mine as well. So I am constantly working to learn, expand and get more and  better conversions for us. 

I don’t take it for granted that I get to help great companies and businesses change lives and I look forward to working with you as well. 

How did I get into marketing?

My son was three months away from being born and I was unexpectedly laid off. With no leads on a new job, I decided I need to learn skills that would make me indispensable. I picked up a book called the “The Education of Millionaires” that talked about the top 7 skills that self made millionaires need and how they used them to build their fortune. 

I was hooked. 

But as I became intrigued about it I also became torn. Marketers are “liars” and “scammers.” 

I didn’t want my name and business to be tied to that but it all changed when I came across  a quote by Dan Kennedy.

"Yes, it's unethical to persuade someone to buy something they don't need. But if you have something that can change your clients life than it is your moral duty to get in front of as many people as possible."
-Dan Kennedy

After I heard that I understood something that I don’t think I’ve ever understood before. Marketing is really about helping people solve their problems, ease their pains,  and helping them see transformation in their life. So I became devoted to making sure that I can help as many people as possible do just that. There are enough marketers out there that are using their powers for evil and I decide to not be one of the guys and do whatever I can to become one of the good guys. So I read the books. I study the greats. I would sacrifice time with my son and stay up late learning about copywriting, design and taking courses from CXL Institute and Digital Marketer so I can help people like you serve people like us.  You didn’t create your product or service to scam people and you didn’t create your business just so you can make more money. You made your business so that you can do your part to impact the world.  If more people like you were able to get their product in front of their customers in a way that their customers will believe that the transformations are possible, how much better would the world be? So that’s what I mean when I say life changing conversions. A life changing conversion is where I help you get more clients and they get more transformations and together we are all changing each other’s lives for the better. So that’s how I got into marketing and that’s why marketing means so much to me. It’s not just a hobby, it’s literally my life’s mission to help as many people as possible create the life they want to live and experience freedom and I get to do that by both helping you get more clients and you helping your clients get better results.

How do I get results?

I use nueromarketing principles to create marketing that helps your customers answer 4 questions that they're asking themselves:

Why me?

They need to know that this is for them specifically. So it's important to let your customers know that they're in the right place as soon as they click on your site.

Why You?

Trust is not a reason they'll buy but distrust is a reason they won't buy. You have to show your authority and prove that you have their best interest at heart.

Why This?

Will this solve their problem better than any other solutions? Will this be able to finally get them unstuck? Why should they choose this solution over any other?

Why Now?

What will happen if they don't take action? Why should they move today and take you up on your offer as opposed to waiting until next week? There must be some urgency.

The job of your design is to help guide your customer’s eyes to the answer to these four questions in the most simple way. The job of your copywriting is to know your customers so well you can answer these questions for them better than they could answer them by themselves. This is the recipe for life changing conversions.